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If you’re thinking of replacing your kitchen faucet on your own, it's not as crazy as it may sound. In fact, replacing a kitchen faucet is a fairly easy job if you plan right, prep your tools in advance and follow a few other expert rules of thumb.

But here’s a newsflash for first-timers: “Plumbing projects in general rarely go exactly like they should,” plumbing expert Gary Wentz, editor-in-chief of Family Handyman magazine, told TODAY Home.

Generally, it’s the unpredictable and unseen factors that cause problems. Plan on replacing your faucet during store hours, suggests Wentz. “Chances are better than 50-50 you’ll need at least one more part for this how to replace a kitchen faucet project,” he said.

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Here are a few more tips on how to install a new kitchen faucet while avoiding any plumbing bloopers.

Once this project is done and dusted, you might feel inspired to try replacing your own floors or to come up with new storage solutions for your bathroom.

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